Rob Lowe is more than an actor, he’s an entrepreneur. The eighties icon turned television star is making waves with his latest career move. The guy with the crooked smile and piercing blue eyes is trying to get in on a few major business mergers according to a report from TMZ. The actor has recently teamed up with business mogul Tom Barrack to make his first acquisition, Miramax Films.

The company that was previously owned by Harvey and Bob Weinstein has been on the chopping block for quite a while and Lowe along with Barrack, and Ron Tutor want it for themselves. They’ve set up an offer and are ready to sign on the dotted line. According to the site, “…the deal is being put together quickly and could close as early as today.”

It looks like Lowe’s time off from the ABC drama “Brothers & Sisters” is being put to good use! The numbers being thrown around at the moment are in the $500 – $600 million range, which was what the Weinstein’s offered to buy it back. Unfortunately, they were unable to do so. It seems odd that the founders of the company can’t purchase it yet Sodapop from The Outsiders can. What is the world coming to?

Do you think Rob Lowe has what it takes to own Miramax? Do you think he can steer the company in the right direction?