What are you doing on July 24th? Just chillin’? Hanging out with some friends? If you’re not too busy do you want to make a movie with Oscar nominee Ridley Scott and fellow director Kevin Macdonald? It sounds crazy but both helmers are reaching out to the general population via YouTube to create the “the first user-generated feature-length documentary.” Do you want to get in on this?

THR is reporting that Scott and Macdonald are currently prepping for the film entitled, Life in a Day. “The doc will incorporate footage shot on July 24 that is submitted by YouTube users from around the world. It will have its world premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.” Scott will executive produce while Macdonald will direct, putting together the best footage for the final product. People who submit material that makes it into the film will be credited a directors alongside Macdonald.

“‘Life in a Day’ is a time capsule that will tell future generations what it was like to be alive on the 24th of July, 2010. It is a unique experiment in social filmmaking, and what better way to gather a limitless array of footage than to engage the world’s online community,” Macdonald said.

If you don’t have a camera don’t worry, Scott Free Productions has teamed up with the California-based company Against All Odds Prods to distribute cameras to individuals in remote regions. Problem solved! You can find details about uploading footage and how to participate on YouTube.

Do you want to participate in Life in a Day?