We learned a while ago that Men in Black 3 was officially happening and that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones would return as their alter egos Agents Jay and Kay. Over at Joblo, they’ve managed to get some details on the film’s top secret plot, some of which have us scratching our heads. Will Men in Black 3 make sense or is this a flop waiting to happen? Here’s the scoop…

Just as we suspected, Men in Black 3 will involve some serious time travel. Josh Brolin has been rumored to star as a younger version of Agent Kay and according to the site, Jay’s been sent back to 1969 to work with him to stop the new bad guy Yaz (Jemaine Clement). This would be all fine and dandy if it weren’t for the fact that Kay’s supposed to be 26 at the time! Brolin can barely pull off 36. The actor is 42 in real life, let’s not get too crazy. Are they going to use that crappy de-aging effect from X-Men 3 on him?

- A new cast of celebrities are revealed as aliens in this era, among them Yoko Ono, Jimi Hendrix, Castro, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Andy Warhol, who actually has an extended scene where he aids Jay and Kay on their mission. The film is funny, but there’s little to differentiate it from the previous two films other than a new time period, which has a few inside nods to the events of the present day. I did however, have to laugh at one scene which describes an Apple Store as a secret time-travel hub, and shaking the iPhone’s clock app as a way to travel into the past. I wonder if they’ll actually keep the Apple brand name in the film itself.

We’re not fans of the heavy product placement but then again didn’t this series give Ray-Bans a huge surge in sales during the late nineties? Overall, they claim that the plot seems a bit muddled and they had “a bit of trouble following the details.” That doesn’t sound like a good sign!

What do you think of the plot details for Men in Black 3 so far?