It’s been a long time coming but for his next film Denzel Washington wants to play — the bad guy. The last time he played a truly despicable character he won an Academy Award. Sure, he starred as a drug dealing king pin in American Gangster but that was more manipulative and calculating than evil. According to Deadline he wants to shed his goodie image with another character that will take him over to the dark side.

The film is entitled Safe House and will directed by Daniel Espinosa who previously helmed the acclaimed Snabba Cash. Safe House centers on “a young CIA agent who must transport a dangerous criminal to safety after both are attacked at a safe house.” Guess who’s going to play the criminal? Is Washington about to give us his best Hannibal Lecter routine? Whenever we think of a confined and dangerous criminal that character always comes to mind.

Insiders claim that Washington’s co-star in the upcoming Tony Scott film Unstoppable Chris Pine auditioned to play the young CIA agent but he didn’t land the part. We guess the studio or director have someone else in mind for the role. Here’s to hoping Washington grows out that beard again from Training Day. It could be his good luck charm.

What do you think of Denzel Washington playing a villain in Safe House? Are you ready to see him play a bad guy again?