Who wants to smell like John McClane? Who wants to Die Hard but smell good while doing it? Bruce Willis is the latest celebrity to hop on the product bandwagon by releasing his own fragrance. That’s right, Willis has his own cologne according to a report from People Magazine. He’s kept it simple by naming it after himself — Bruce Willis eau de parfum. Find out more…

Bruce Willis, the cologne will debut this week on Thursday, July 8, 2010. Besides the fragrance, the actor also has a body wash, deodorant spray and after-shave balm. Those products I can live with and makes sense for the actor. If he’d launched a line of hair products I would have had to give him the “side eye.” Willis hasn’t had hair since the early nineties!

According to Willis, “The development of my new fragrance was really a lot of fun. The products stand for individuality, uniqueness and sustainability.”

What does Bruce Willis smell like? If you go off what you’ve seen in movies you might say car oil, gun powder, and tobacco but that’s not the case. “The scent boasts of a gray-hued juice and features notes of grapefruit, pepper and vetiver.” Sound surprising? Who knew?

Would you buy Bruce Willis’ cologne?