It’s no secret that the production of the long-gestating Arrested Development movie has hit the skids leaving millions of crying fans in its wake. But someone with a lot of time on their hands decided to make us feel better by creating a faux movie trailer for the film  — with an action twist! Are you ready to see the Bluths go all Commando and Rambo on your asses? Check it out…

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This was a nice piece of nostalgia that got thrown together via some stereotypical action music and some savvy editing. As a fan of the show, I remember almost all the episodes they pulled footage from especially the one where Buster had that accident with his hand. God I miss this show, let’s make it happen guys.

We need a movie sometime soon because everyone’s careers are moving in different directions and the longer they wait they harder it will be to get them all in the same place at the same time. Come on studio folks and actors, take one for the team!

What do you think of the Arrested Development action trailer? If this was a movie, would you pay to see it?