Over the past few years and most recently at 2009′s Comic-Con, we’ve heard about James Cameron’s decision to convert his romantic drama, Titanic into 3D. The director recently attended a private birthday party for the film’s oldest star Gloria Stuart, who played Rose number 2 in the film. She celebrated the big 100 with the majority of the cast and crew from the movie that changed her career and during the celebration The LA Times let the release date for Titanic 3D slip…

It seems as if Cameron discussed the film at Stuart’s party and revealed that he’s, “converting the blockbuster into 3D for re-release in April 2012, the 100th anniversary of the ship’s sinking.” Even though I’m not a fan of the conversion process, it looks like Cameron’s going about it the right way. This isn’t a quick 6 week job. He actually wants to take the time to make sure everything looks right. If only other directors could take a hint.

The release date is a couple of years away and I’d love to see how he plans on juggling this film along with the Avatar sequel. Can he do them both?

Are you interested in seeing Titanic in 3D? Do you think the format will work for the film?