The sequel to Guy Ritchie’s adaptation of the popular character Sherlock Holmes is almost underway. The first film debuted in theaters last Christmas and made a hefty amount for Warner Bros, and like any self-respecting studio they had to capitalize on its success by working on a follow up. According to Watson himself (Jude Law) Holmes is headed back into production this fall.

Law stated that the film will start shooting in October, which means the writers can’t be far off from finalizing the script. Besides the actual production start another mystery that has us all in a tizzy surrounds the film’s villain. At the end of the first Sherlock Holmes it was set up so that Professor Moriarty would be Holmes and Watson’s next foil.

There have already been plenty of rumors regarding who will play the character from Brad Pitt to Daniel Day-Lewis to Gary Oldman but Law claims that he doesn’t have any inside info on that. He also said that he doesn’t know which story from Holmes’ legacy they’ll tackle next.

“I don’t know yet where the story will go,” Law told us, “but there are a lot of Sherlock Holmes novels to choose from.”

We’re not buying it Law but whatever keeps you from getting sued we’ll take. So far, we still don’t know who’ll play Moriarty but we do know that filming starts in October. That’s something!

Who do you think should play Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes 2?

Source: Empire