The headline to this story might seem a bit harsh but it’s straight to the point and honest. Over the past year, we (as in fans and journalists) have been patiently waiting for some type of sign that the James Bond franchise would continue despite the financial situation of its studio, MGM. Back when it was announced that Sam Mendes had signed on to direct, it seemed like all was well but then the film hit one huge snag after another eventually ending up in a shallow pit of death!

According to a recent story from AICN, there are no current plans to develop another installment in the Bond franchise. It has nothing to do with the public’s demand, or the producers not wanting to make it, it’s because the studio has royally effed up their finances and they can’t afford it. This is messed up on so many levels. Not only was Mendes going to direct, but Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon) had penned the screenplay!

What the hell’s going on MGM? At the moment they’re still scrounging around to make The Hobbit still happen by getting Peter Jackson to direct after Guillermo del Toro got fed up and left. How many epic franchises are these people going to ruin? And does this kill Daniel Craig’s contract? We’re not sure how many films he was signed on for or the stipulations regarding his involvement. Interesting…

Are you sad to see James Bond go on hiatus?