We’ve got some sad news to report regarding weekend box office champ, The Twilight Saga Eclipse. The sequel has raked in over $175 million domestically and $275 million worldwide and counting. Unfortunately, one of the tickets bought to support the film belonged to a young man who met his demise during one of its many screenings. According to THR, watching the twitch-fest that is Kristen Stewart and the dry delivery of Taylor Lautner killed someone…literally.

The original report comes from the New Zealand based NZHerald, where they claim that a 23 year old was found slumped over in his chair after the lights went up following the movie. The paramedics were called, but he could not be resuscitated. The death occurred at the 6pm showing of Eclipse, where he appeared to have gone alone. His body was found at around 8.20pm, and since there weren’t any visible injuries they’re awaiting an autopsy report for more answers.

What a horrible way to go out! If you’re going to die during a summer movie in 2010, it should at least be Inception. That’s one to go out on! No disrespect to the man or his family. It’s just a crappy situation all around.

Have you heard about this incident? Are you a New Zealand resident who attended the same screening?