Are you fighting an acute case of “Lost” withdrawal? Do you need closure? Are you in desperate need of hearing Henry Ian Cusick say, “Brother” one last time? Well, we’re not sure if you’ll get all that but we do know that you’ll see the actor on the small screen again next season. This time it will be on NBC’s long running cop drama, “Law & Order: SVU” according to a report from TV Guide.

Cusick has signed on for not one but two episodes (so far) of “SVU” playing a graphic artist named Erik Weber. With the addition of the actor it makes us wonder if his character will be a possible love interest for Mariska Hargitay’s Detective Olivia Benson. According to the show’s executive producer Neal Baer,

“Erik meets Olivia when he comes to someone’s aid. And then we’ll see how it goes. Olivia is devoted to her job and knows that comes first.”

That’s all fine and dandy but Elliot’s obsessed with his job too and he’s been married for over 20 years! Granted his wife is annoying and they’ve been on the brink of divorce more times than we can count but still he’s had a steady love life over the past 11 seasons. The last time Benson got some lovin’ it was from Bill Pullman’s trashy newspaper editor Kurt Moss — in 2008!

On a side note, another “Lost” alum made an appearance on “SVU” last season and it was none other than the torturer himself, Naveen Andrews.

What do you think of Cusick’s new SVU gig? Do you want him to be a love interest for Benson?