Over the past few weeks, 20th Century Fox has been on a roll with the casting for the X-Men spin-off First Class. The two main leads have been locked (James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender) and they hired Benjamin Walker to play Hank McCoy and Alice Eve to take on the psychic seductress, Emma Frost. Unfortunately it looks like they’ve hit a snag and one of these actors will be out, while another character may be in.

According to Daily Mail via The Playlist Walker’s services may no longer be needed. Apparently, the actor’s age is to blame and the studio is interested in hiring someone a little younger. This is one of the concerns I had when his casting was first announced. McAvoy is 31 but looks 25. Walker’s only a few years younger than him so the Professor X/ Beast dynamic might be off.

There’s also word that a new mutant is joining the film and it’s none other than Jamie Madrox aka Multiple Man. He’s rumored to be one of the students at Xavier’s institute but there’s no mention of who will play the character. The last time he appeared on screen was in 2006′s X-Men The Last Stand. He was played by Eric Dane, who currently stars on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy.

Do you want to see Multiple Man in First Class?

Additional Source: CBM