Another 30 second masterpiece hit the web a few days from director Tom Kuntz. The first spot Old Spice spot won an award at The Cannes advertising Festival and was also a YouTube phenomenon with over 11 million views! Mustafa, the former Arizona State University player turned Old Spice model, has a voice so deep and manly that he either had to become a famous spokesperson or an evil villain (mwahaha!). Below he shows us once again what it takes to be a real man…

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I love these… Always my favorite 30-second spots.

According to The Christian Science Monitor Mustafa says he tried to channel the “cool self-confidence and charm of actors such as Robert Wagner, James Brolin and Adam West, TV’s Batman, while staying true to Old Spice’s traditional ‘manly man’ appeal.”

He told them…

“I really just wanted a very smooth, confident look,” said Mustafa.

Well, he has succeeded! Oh yes he has!

What do you think of the new Old Spice Ad? Do you like the first or the second better?