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Everyone wants a piece of Betty White — even Robert Pattinson. The veteran comedienne is old enough to be the Twilight star’s grandmother but he wants her to play his daughter in the next sequel. [Spoiler] In Breaking Dawn his character Edward has a kid with Bella and they name her Renesmee and Pattinson thinks it would be cool if White got all Benjamin Button with the role.

While on the red carpet at the film’s Los Angeles premiere, Pattinson discussed his desire to work with White and said the writers should try to fit her into Breaking Dawn.

“I love Betty,” he gushed. “I would love for them to do what they did in ‘[The Curious Case of] Benjamin Button’ with her and she can be Renesmee. I would change some scenes up so we could have Jacob and Emmet going for her. I want to work with her. That would be so much fun.”

Twilight creator Stephenie Meyer stated that White could make an appearance as just another vampire because there are so many in the series already.

“We have so many vampires in ‘Breaking Dawn’, surely she can fit in somewhere. Wouldn’t it be amazing if she was like just sitting there with a big group of the Volturi? That would be amazing.”

Something tells us that White would outshine everyone involved if she starred in the movie. She’s just that damn good!

Do you think they can fit Betty White into Twilight?

Source: Aceshowbiz