After months of delays, the cast of Bennett Miller‘s upcoming film Moneyball is starting to fill out. So far Brad Pitt, Robin Wright, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Jonah Hill have been confirmed and now another major role has been filled. According to THR, Stephen Bishop has been cast as David Justice, the baseball star who played the majority of his career with the Atlanta Braves but his last season (2002) with the A’s.

Based on Michael Lewis’ nonfiction book, Moneyball centers on the 2002 Oakland Athletics, who were led by general manager Billy Beane (Pitt) to an excellent season despite having the lowest payroll in the Major Leagues. Hoffman stars as Art Howe, the field manager of Billy Beane’s Oakland Athletics and Wright is set to play Beane’s ex-wife. Hill will appear as Paul DePodesta, an ex-football player and Harvard graduate who helps the A’s perfect their game from a mathematical perspective.

Bishop is mostly known for his television work with roles on “Lost“, “Grey’s Anatomy“, and “Brothers and Sisters.” Despite his big screen credits you can’t deny that he’s a spitting image of Justice. His physical appearance is definitely up to par with the actual player so hopefully his acting will be just as good!

What do you think of Bishop as Justice in Moneyball?