It’s been a long time coming but the third installment of Eli Roth’s Hostel franchise is on its way. According to Bloody Disgusting the follow up to 2007′s Hostel II will begin production this summer and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. The previous films have been categorized as “torture porn” and “overly gratuitous” but those negative reviews won’t keep Sony Stage 6 from shooting another one.

Eli Roth wrote and directed the first two films but won’t be on board to helm Hostel III. We don’t even think Roth has any active involvement with this project at all. The production company Sony Stage 6 is known for its direct to DVD films such as the 30 Days of Night sequel. Hostel III will be directed by Scott Spiegel from a screenplay by Michael Weiss. Production officially begins in August.

The Hostel franchise kicked off as the little engine that could in 2006 and quickly gained a niche audience. There’s a 90% chance that this movie will end up on your DVD shelf as opposed to your local theater, which is a good thing. The market is already filled with unnecessary sequels specifically in the horror genre (we’re looking at you 5Nal Destination and Saw VII).

Are you interested in seeing Hostel III?