Twilight is back with Eclipse! Breaking box office records, making young girls wait in line at midnight and scream at a pitch that only wolves can hear. I”m not a Twi-Hard, this is not my favorite genre, BUT I will say that out of all the Twilight films this one is the best. It has more action, more tension, better character development, and unlike the previous films a story to follow. That being said, it’s still a Twilight film.

Lets take a look at some of the good and bad below…

The Players:


Once again, Bella Swan is caught between her addiction to vampire, Edward and her friendship with werewolf, Jacob. Meanwhile the Voultri are forcing Edward to “turn” Bella, Edward is trying to convince Bella to marry him, and Bella is just trying to get some from Edward. There’s now a vampire “war” going on, in which the werewolves and the vampires have to form a truce to overcome. And we start and end the film reading poetry in a field full of poppies. How sweet.

The Bad:

  • Same Old: Once again, Kristen Stewart is left stressing out and looking worried. Robert Pattison constantly looks like someone is pulling out his fingernails. Lets get something new for the actors to work on! At least in this film Bella seems to have a mind of her own even if she is being completely stupid.
  • Should Not Be Seen in IMAX: Despite the fact they’re trying to make this film a big spectacle and you would think with all the money/equipment they have it would be, the film does not hold up on an IMAX screen. All the flaws in the production are magnified and during the slower more “romantic scenes’ it’s hard to see past the bad make-up and engage in the story.
  • Production Errors: Aside from a few sets which left me feeling like I was watching a soap opera and a lack of wide shots, there are a number of scenes with vampires appearing in the light but not sparkling! (I never thought I would be saying this but) this film has a serious lake of sparkling. Stick to the rules you set for yourself! They needed to either re-light some of the scenes, explain something to us or add some damn sparkles!
  • The Make-Up: Come on guys, this is #3! Get it together! The contacts still look fake, I could see make up on Edwards arm and missing from his ears in extreme close-ups. These problems should not still be happening with the money going into these films. This may be a result of…
  • The Turn Around: The speed they’re turning these babies around makes them be more about quantity than quality. There’s no time for the little things and unfortunately all the little things really begin to add up in this film.

But I’m guessing that won’t matter for most of you because the good outweighs the bad…

The Good:

  • Romance: Undeniably hotter than before. This is what the fans want and David Slade delivers. Lots of making out, sexual tension and if the three leads don’t have a Ménage à trois by the end of the saga I’d be damned surprised!
  • Taylor Lautner: Once again, he keeps evolving from one film to the next and gives us something new to discover. In this film he’s stepped out as a big buff dude, with the cocky attitude to match.
  • Action: It’s faster, more intense, there’s more story behind it and it’s far for graphic than before. I actually forgot what film I was in for about 10 minutes and got to enjoy some good fight scenes.
  • The Pure Ridiculousness: With lines like “admit it I’m hotter than you” how can you not point and laugh?! In some of the earlier films the dialogue was just bad, but now it’s so bad it’s good! Or at least entertaining…
  • Tone: The film is a touch darker while still being targeted towards teenage girls. Nicely done.


If you’re a fan of the first two films, this one is definitely a step up and will in no way disappoint. For the rest of you there isn’t anything new or mind-blowing to make it worth seeing for the first time.


Twi-Hard Rating: 9/10

Human Rating: 3/10



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