But wait, there’s more to win! We’re giving away MORE Twilight Eclipse goods and all you have to do is leave a comment on the original Eclipse Soundtrack and Tote Bag Giveaway post to enter. Good Luck!

The Twilight Saga Eclipse is officially in theaters and if you’re a diehard fan you probably attended one of the millions of midnight screenings that took place early this morning. To cap off such a hormone driven event we’ve chosen the winner of our Eclipse Soundtrack and Tote Bag Giveaway. Some of the artists featured on the album include Metro, Muse, The Black Keys, and composer Howard Shore.

Without further ado here’s the lucky winner…

Congratulations to:

Jen: “I definitely believe that Edward would be better boyfriend material. They have lived for so long that they know what they are looking for, and are 100% dedicated once they find their soulmate!”

Winner #2:


I believe a Vampire would be a better boyfriend. Edward (A Vampire) has much more life experience and is more mature. He likely has the ability to romance you better. Also, being that I live in Florida, at this time of year the coolness of his skin would be much better than air conditioning. Handsome Guy (Edward) + Cool Skin = Florida Girl’s Dream!

The winner will receive an e-mail shortly. Please respond to it ASAP so we can get your prize in the mail. If you don’t respond within 24 hours, the soundtrack and the tote bag will be given to another contestant.

Thank you to all who entered! Be sure to check back often for more cool giveaways, movie reviews, interviews, and news. Remember you can get ScreenCrave updates by becoming a fan on Facebook or by following us on Twitter.

The Trailer:

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The Twilight Saga Eclipse is in theaters now!