The Twihards were in full force last night when they camped out to see the first official screenings of The Twilight Saga: EclipseThe third installment in Summit Entertainment’s vampire franchise has received slightly better reviews than its predecessors and has been at the center of a major marketing campaign. Eclipse has a new director (David Slade), a new Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard), and a lot more action, all of which have seemed to help its opening. Check out the numbers…

According to Variety, Eclipse broke the record for the highest grossing midnight showing of all-time earning $30 million! This passes New Moon, which opened last fall with $26.3 million for its late night screenings. If you thought that was insane they also broke records for IMAX earning over $1 million in 192 venues beating out Transformers Revenge of the Fallen’s $959,000.

Eclipse is the widest opening film with 4,416 locations (with more on the way), which surpasses Iron Man 2′s 4,380. The movie is expected to dominate the Fourth of July weekend and it has some people wondering if it will be able to beat Spider-Man 2′s 6 day holiday gross of $180 million.

If this movie can earn $30 million in one night, the weekend, let alone the extended weekend could be filled with record breaking numbers. Eclipse will open in other international territories starting on July 1st and will launch in 42 overseas markets.

Do you think Eclipse can beat Spider-Man 2′s record? How much money do you think it will rake in?

Additional Source: Box Office Mojo