We have a brief little highlight reel with interviews with some of the lesser but still important members for the Twilight: Eclipse cast including the three of our “bad” vamps: Dakota Fanning, Bryce Dallas Howard, Xavier Samuel and the Cullen Family: Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, Elizabeth Reaser and Peter Facinelli. All of these had amazingly positive things to say about the film, check it out below…

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We will have more videos available on our YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/screencrave of the entire press conference and our written interview up the week before the films release!

And some other highlights from the press conference for you die hard fans with Dakota Fanning, Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel that didn’t make the cut for our video….

Dakota, you are so very evil in this. What is it like? You were a fan of the books coming into this. And for Bryce, how is it coming into this world for just one time?

Dakota Fanning: This is the first time I’ve gotten to play the same character in a different film. It was really great. I love playing this character, it’s a fun character to get to play and being a part of all that is Twilight is such an honor and still kind of surreal for me. I feel so lucky to be a part of it.

What do you like about her?

Dakota Fanning: She’s obviously not the nicest person but it’s kind of fascinating to be able to play someone that takes pleasure in hurting people, that’s kind of a weird thing to get to do and obviously something I’ve never done before.

Bryce, your fight scene with Rob, he said you were being careful with him and he was a bit nervous about pushing you around. How did you put that aside and go for it?

Bryce Dallas Howard: There was a lot of fight training that happened to prepare for it. Actors are always nervous about not only hurting each other but maybe perhaps hitting each other’s face and ending one’s career. So there was a lot of preparation that made us feel more comfortable, certainly. I just knew that if I rustled his hair perhaps millions of young women would want to kill me so I was quite cautious for that reason. It was fun. There’s a point at which you’re wrestling for six consecutive hours that it just becomes absurd. You just kind of, you can’t help yourself but laugh. It ultimately was great, yeah it was a really good job.

When you entered into the Twilight franchise do your family and friends who are big Twilight fans grill you about what happened on set, what’s so and so like, are these two together? Do you have to figure out what you can tell people close to you?

Bryce Dallas Howard: I want to know what your experience is like because you’re in high school

Dakota Fanning: You get the normal questions but I think that people that are close to me especially in school are kind of used to it by now so it’s not such a big deal. They kind of forget that I’m even in the movies. So I haven’t really had to deal with a lot of that. No.

Bryce Dallas Howard: Since I was sort of the resident Twi-hard in my group, kind of what I was talking about before, I was ridiculed for it. And now it’s like, ‘Ha!’ Now they fully need to embrace it and support it.

Xavier Samuel: My mother has made it her personal mission to monitor all the information about me on the Internet.

Bryce Dallas Howard: She really has

Xavier Samuel: But I’ve had a few strange requests, like, if you could bring back a plastic cup that Rob sipped on or maybe if you could sneak up to him quickly and take a lock of his hair…but no, other than those odd requests

Xavier, you’re new to the franchise, who was the most welcoming and how were you welcomed? Was there a hazing ritual?

Xavier Samuel: I guess playing a bad guy and kind of an outsider and a foreigner in an already established family you’re a bit intimidated but I’m so grateful to be accepted so warmly into the whole family. Everyone’s extremely down to earth. And also Bryce, who I’ve become very good friends with, we kind of locked eyes at the airport and you go ‘OK, there’s someone here that, you know…” but no stunts, no initiation or anything like that. Just a lot of fun and great to hang out with those guys.

Most challenging scene you had to do

Dakota Fanning: My one scene. Because I am in such a small part of the film, it kind of adds to, pressure is the wrong word but the only word I can think of right now, just to get that one part right and do the best that you can. In that little moment that you’re in the film, make it the best it can be and the scariest it can be and the coolest it can be.

Bryce Dallas Howard: The most challenging part, again pressure…I think it is the right word because there’s so much build up to the moment and for the end, there’s so much training that went into the choreography of this final battle sequence that I didn’t want to mess it up and I certainly didn’t want to punch Robert Pattinson in the face.

Xavier Samuel: I know it has so many devoted fans and with that comes a great deal of responsibility of really delivering your very best. So that’s the kind of challenging thing, to always be on your A-game. But also it’s kind of hard to act with a piece of fur on the end of a stick. All that green screen stuff was kind of interesting. You have to create that world in your head as opposed to actually having it there. And then being bounced around on wires like a puppet.

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