In April it was announced that Katie Holmes would take on the epic and iconic role of Jackie Kennedy in an upcoming made for television movie. The film is entitled The Kennedys, and it’s an original miniseries that will air on the History Channel. Months after the news broke, the first photo of the actress on set and in costume has leaked online. Check out Holmes doing her best Kennedy impression and tell us what you think…

The Kennedys also stars Greg Kinnear as John F. Kennedy, Barry Pepper as Robert F. Kennedy, and Tom Wilkinson as the family patriarch Joseph P. Kennedy. This will mark the first time that the History Channel has taken on a scripted program of this caliber. The eight-hour miniseries, which will cover the time period from Joe Sr.’s time at Harvard until RFK’s assassination, is scheduled to air in 2011.

From a distance she has the basic Jackie “look” but we need to see more. She’s obviously on break from shooting a scene that takes place during one of the First Lady’s pregnancies. The overall cast for the film is pretty good and they have a decent production value going on so this movie might surprise some of us. It’s been such a long time since we’ve seen a made for TV movie worth watching.

Here are a few actresses who have played Jackie in the past. How do you think Holmes will stack up to their performances?

What do you think of Holmes in costume as Jackie Kennedy?

Source: Splash News