James Franco and Bill Hader recently got together for a good cause to celebrate the birthday of Hollywood director Sam Raimi. They released a video on Funny or Die that shows the two commiserating over their relationship with Raimi. Franco plays himself and Hader plays a Spider-Man era Willem Dafoe. Before you watch this you should know one thing…Sam Raimi’s birthday is October 23rd so we don’t know what possessed them to give a B-day shout out in June. Check it out…

Sometimes these celebrity videos bomb but this one is a huge success because of two things, Franco’s bad acting and Hader’s inability to stay in character. He reminds us of Jimmy Fallon when he was on SNL but funnier. There’s also the awesome outtake at the end regarding Raimi’s “classic” movie, Crimewave. They actually cracked up a bit during the final cut when they talked about it as well.

Hader as Dafoe,  “Did you see Crimewave? I saw that movie on an airplane and people still walked out.” How can you not crack up at that line? There are so many layers of hilarity going on at once.

P.S. Spider-Man 4 is dead, which makes this video even more special.

What do you think of Franco and Hader’s birthday video for Sam Raimi?