Scream 4 has begun production in Michigan and the gang’s all there. A behind the scenes photo has surfaced online and it features the franchise heroine Neve Campbell aka Sidney Prescott and she doesn’t look like the Sidney from back in the day. The actress has a new hairdo, which I’m assuming shows the maturity and change that her character has gone through over the past decade. Take a look…

Campbell seems to be going for the older, more mature look with this haircut. Is it just me or do you see a little bit of Selma Blair in there? The hair isn’t completely distracting because she wore a short bob in Scream 2 and 3, so this look just takes it a step further. How do you like it?

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As you can see, there were also a few fan videos that were shot on the set that feature some reckless driving and a huge green screen. My question is why do they have a green screen? This is Scream not Final Destination, there needs to be plenty of practical effects that actually appear real and threatening.

What do you think of Neve Campbell’s new look? What do you think of the green screen effects in Scream 4?

Source: ShockTillYouDrop