A very nice assortment of movies on DVD this week, with a little something for everybody. If you like comedy, we have Hot Tub Time Machine If you like foreign films, try on Oscar nominee The White Ribbon. Kids movies your things? How about Percy Jackson and the Ridiculously Long Title? Or, if you could just use some scares, you can check out The Crazies.

See, something for everyone. And there’s even more than just those four flicks hitting shelves this week.

Check it all out below…


Hot Tub Time Machine

Quick. How much do you think this movie made? $100 million?  $150 million? Touching $200 million?

Well, you’re a little off. This small comedy only managed to pull in $50 million at the box office. Not quite on the level of The Hangover. Not even close to the haul for I Love You Man. The question this raises is: How did this movie enter the zeitgeist.

Seriously, this may be the most-referenced movie that nobody ever saw.  Everywhere from “Sportscenter” to celeb-reality you hear people talking about “hopping in the Hot Tub Time Machine” or something of that nature when they want to turn back the clock.

And where does this come from? Certainly not from viewership. Instead, it’s born out of marketing. Commercial. The incessant publicity for this movie that leads people to reference it. This may be one of the first movies whose TV spots transcended the actual picture.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Not if you buy the DVD.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

If you want to launch a kid’s franchise, it’s probably best to give it a title that doesn’t sound like the name of a 70s soul group.

Seriously. Look at that title. Now I know it’s the name of a kid’s book series, but doesn’t it just make you think of deep blue suits with glitter and really bad bow ties? Like you’re going to see a 90-minute version of “Rubberband Man” by The Spinners?

I think this goes to show that you can’t just pick any child’s book franchise and expect to be Harry Potter – sometimes you need to take a look at the title.

So when this DVD gets filed in stores. How many yay-hoo kids will mistakenly put it in the oldies music section?



Not much going on in terms of bringing the small screen to the small screen this week.  Well, unless basic cable dramas and TV Land sitcoms are your thing. If that’s the case, check out the bonanza below:

  • “The Closer”: Season 5 – Buy Now
  • “Eureka”: Season 3.5 – Buy Now
  • “Leave it to Beaver”: Complete Series – Buy Now
  • “Mad About You”: Season 4 – Buy Now
  • “Warehouse 13″: Season 1 – Buy Now

And, Just So You Know, This DVD Exists. . .

What DVDs are you looking forward to picking up this week?