Want to get the real juice on a film? Talk to the writer! Especially a writer who been so close to the series for the entire run and is currently writing the two films of one of the most anticipated adaptations of all time, Breaking Dawn. In our one on one video interview with the lovely Melissa Rosenberg she talked to us a great deal about building the sexual tension between the characters, finishing up “Dexter“, writing the characters with the actors in mind, how she’s going to make Breaking Dawn a PG-13 film and much more. We posted our “blood and sex” part of the interview earlier but here’s the whole thing as well as some extra juicy quotes we got from her after all the recorders and camera were turned off after the video…

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And now here are those juicy extras for you on “Dexter”, filming Breaking Dawn, possible Twilight spin-offs…

How’s “Dexter” going?

MR: I finally had to leave after the fourth season because I couldn’t do Breaking Dawn and Dexter at the same time. So it was very sad to do that as well. It was the best TV experience of my career.

Are you not still on as a producer in some capacity?

MR: No, I had to bail out and they were gracious enough to let me out but someone else is running the show.

What do you think of them bringing Julie back for one scene?

MR: What? Oh, it must be a flashback or something like that. There is a language of Dexter of the Harry flashbacks so if anything, I would guess. I have no idea.

But you’re not writing it?

MR: No, I had to leave after season four.

Do you miss it?

MR: I already do miss. It came around February and all my friends were going back into the room and I was like [GASPS and SIGHS]. I was home working on Breaking Down going, “Aww.”

Did that give you empathy for Stephanie seeing your characters get passed on to someone else?

MR: Absolutely but I had already, coming up in television, when you’re a staff writer, you have the experience a lot of people taking your material and rewriting it. And there’s always “my draft is better” so for many, many years, there’s not a writer alive who feels like their own draft isn’t better.

What will be the biggest challenge of splitting the movies?

MR: They’re very dense with mythology. A lot of characters, a lot of detail and it’s just really who do you choose to pull forward. It was a lot of the same stuff I had to do with Twilight.

Like Jane?

MR: Yeah, like Jane or how much of Jasper’s story do you get into in Twilight? Well, I couldn’t really. There wasn’t time to get into his gifts.

Are there more backstories to come?

MR: More backstories to come but there’s more and more is an expansion of the mythology. All these different characters are being introduced and Stephanie’s developed a really intricate mythology, very detailed which is why it’s so much fun to play in her world.

Do you know the point where you’ll split the stories?

MR: We’re going back and forth a little bit about that but generally speaking, it’s I think the two naturally – - nothing has actually been decided but the natural split is somewhere between she’s human in movie one, she’s a vampire. She’s human and pregnant in one, she’s a vampire and a parent in two. You’ve got a sort of natural – - and Bill Condon has been looking at that from a visual standpoint so that’s a natural. That said, there’s a lot of room about where that moment is.

What do you think is the appeal of this series?

MR: I think it taps in so deeply to desire and to this sort of idea of being – - first of all, you’re coming in from Bella’s point of view, who is the everygirl. So we can identify with her. She’s the every person and then you make her the most desirable human being on the face of the earth and there’s a vicarious excitement to that. There’s a fantasy element to it but we all have had those experiences in our lives of just that first love and so I think that’s certainly attractive. The mythological creatures does vary.

With the wealth of backstory and appetite for more Twilight, would you see doing movies on Alice or these other elements with Stephanie’s approval?

MR: I think she’s going to do that. I would look at anything she wrote. If this series is going to expand, it will be by her doing.

Will it always be book firsts?

MR: I would think it would be. You know what? I haven’t even thought of it but I would think book first.

Some say Breaking Dawn is un-filmable and not as good a book. How do you approach it to make it work?

MR: I believe it is filmable and I believe there is a great story to be told in that. It was a very bold move what Stephanie did and where she took her characters. She had them grow up and get married and have children and realize her ultimate potential of becoming a vampire. It was a very bold move. I think it lost some of the audience who wanted to continue the other things I was talking to you about, the fantasies and the desire. Now she’s got it all and what do you do with it? So it’s a very different kind of movie I think and a different kind of story. I think there’s definitely material enough for two movies in these books but there’s also, for the first time, a little breathing room. There’s room to explore a little bit and to expand. I’m excited about that.

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