As one could imagine, suddenly becoming a super-star over-night in one of the largest movie franchises of all times might be a challenge for most teenagers. We’ve had the chance to interview Taylor Lautner for all three Twilight films and although his physique has changed and he’s become a bit more well spoken in front of large groups of people, one thing struck me as the same, he’s always humble and appreciative of what he’s been given and has an incredibly positive spin on the entire experience. Unlike many others in his position, he seems to be able to find the good in the bad, and keep smiling through it all.

Check out what it’s like for Taylor Lautner to live in a world where people only see him as Jacob and how he manages to stay “normal” despite his surroundings…

What has the past year been like with your newly found success?

TL: It is exciting. This franchise has been such an incredible platform. It is amazing. I am so thankful for this franchise and everything it has provided and the opportunity. I have had the time of my life over the past two years. I am just thankful to be in this position. I am having fun making movies. It have met a lot of new people and have had the opportunity to work with a lot of new, talented people. Amazing is the best word for it.

Many people comment of your lack of attire in the films and in Eclipse they go as far to have lines such as “admit it, I’m hotter than you”. Can you tell us what that’s like for you to play that role and say those lines, knowing that your fans will love it and is it hard to stay serious when delivering a line like that?

TL: It is true. Keeping the straight face was the tough thing. That was another line where I read it and I loved the line, but I was like, “This is going to be so hard to deliver, and especially with a straight face.” And looking Rob in the eyes with that Edward look. It is in the tent. It was funny, but it was one of those lines that was a little difficult to say to Rob.

Would you ever do another film where you have to go shirtless again?

TL: I mean really, it all comes down to character. If I love the character, I love the story, and the character requires me to be shirtless, or if it requires me to lose thirty pounds, I’m ready to do it.

Is there any downside to this whirlwind you have been on these past two years?

TL: It is hard to choose one. There are a million times more pros than cons. For sure. Obviously, you know, the privacy thing. It is a little different. Usually, it is not normal to wake up and have 12 paparazzi cars waiting outside to follow you to Starbucks. Like I said, there are a lot more pros that I’m willing to put up with those cons for sure.

Is dealing with the paparazzi a pain?

TL: Yeah. You know, sometimes it becomes aggravating, but you got to tell yourself that this comes with the job and what you are getting out of it on the other side is definitely worth it. Sometimes it is hard, but you can’t let them affect you that much or you know it drive you insane. Maintaining sanity is pretty important to me, so you just gotta push that stuff aside. Yeah, it is never normal.

Can you ever go out without being recognized?

TL: Um, yeah. You can be creative. It is a matter of choosing where you go, when you go. A mall? Probably not. A movie theater? Probably not. I have my hangouts. The good, low-key restaurants. Sometimes you are just like, “I don’t care! I want to go bowling! And I’m going to do it!” And you do it. Sure enough, it is a little hectic, but you had fun. Then you go back home and go, “I’m not going bowling for a while.”

Does it help that you are friends with Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart while making the films?

TL: Definitely. It means everything to me. I can’t imagine filming this franchise if the whole cast wasn’t so close of friends. It would be a nightmare. Rob, Kristen, and myself are really close. It helps a lot. When you are filming you can be open and honest with each other, you can discuss things, and it just makes the filming process a lot easier and then promoting. Even when we aren’t even doing anything, when we just hang out on the weekends, it is great. They are incredibly people. Very talented. We will definitely maintain our friendship for a very long time past this franchise. It is extremely important to me.

You have so many passionate fans, what are some strange encounters you have had?

TL: I want to say they are weird, but they are definitely passionate. I was just in Australia about a week or so ago, and we were at this big fan event. There were like 4000 fans and I was walking down the line. Fans like to hold out their hand or their arm for you to sign, and this one arm I went by had a massive tattoo of the wolf pack. The same exact one. It was pretty cool. She was like, “Can you sign it?” I was like, “Sure.” So, I signed right underneath it, and the next day somebody told me the girl got my signature tattooed right underneath the wolf pack tattoo. I didn’t know whether to think that was cool, or feel bad that I signed her arm. That is definitely some passion right there.

How do you remain normal with things like that?

TL: It is a good question. It definitely is surrounding yourself with your family and the friends that you have known forever. I live, all of us do, in two different worlds. They are complete opposites. This is our job. We go to work and we live in this business world. Then we go back to our regular world and we do the same thing that we did before. We sit at home. We aren’t that exciting. We watch American Idol every Tuesday and Wednesday. Yeah, spend time with our family and friends. I think maintaining that world is extremely important.

Do you have any guilty pleasures? Like “Jersey Shore” or “Housewives”? Anything like that?

TL: Um. American Idol. So You Think You Can Dance as well, but American Idol would definitely be number one for me. I haven’t missed an episode in 8 or 9 years [laughs]. I can’t believe I just said that.

Can you sing?

TL: No I can’t sing [laughs]. That is the funny thing. Maybe that is why I like watching it so much is because there is no way I could do that [laughing].

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