Similar to the long running Saw franchise, the Final Destination movies keep coming and we’ve got an update on the latest installment. Over at Bloody Disgusting they were able to get the inside scoop on what the opening sequence of the next film will be and they discovered the new title of the fifth-quel. Find out the goods…

The film is tentatively going by 5Nal Destination. Get it? Much like the upcoming Scre4m sequel, numbers in titles is all the rage. Even though it comes across as a bit gimmicky, isn’t that what the franchise is all about? When was the last time a Final Destination movie had a decent story (the 2000 original)?

One thing that these films seem to stick to besides ridiculous and gratuitous deaths are their opening scenes. There is always one massive event that sets the plot in motion. It typically has to do with a group of people who were supposed to die in a freak accident but they don’t and because of that death has to get inventive and kill them in other ways.

In 5Nal Destination, close sources to the project claim that the opening scene involves a suspension bridge collapsing. We smell the Golden Gate Bridge! Anyone else?

Here’s a terrifying compilation of openings from the first 3 movies:

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What do you think of latest updates for Final Destination 5? Are you interested in seeing another film in the series?