If you’re a die hard fan of NBC’s “The Office” we have some bad news to report. Steve Carell and his alter ego Michael Scott won’t be around forever. The actor has stated on multiple occasions that once his contract is up (which happens next season) he’s done with the show. While out promoting his latest movie Despicable Me, he spoke about leaving the popular series and revealed that he DOESN’T want his character to go out with a bang…

Carell: My contract has always been for 7 seasons and I just feel like now is the time for my character to move ahead. I have no doubt that the show will continue and continue to be really strong. I think it might actually be a benefit because anytime you shift the dynamic of a show like that great things can happen. You can find new avenues to explore. I look at it as just one piece of the ensemble sort of drifting off. I was actually surprised that anybody thought it was a big deal. I think it’s the show and the ensemble [to me] is what’s always been important.

Don’t expect to see Michael Scott get a huge farewell episode because Carell is adamantly against it. He wants to leave on a high note but he doesn’t want to be the center of an extravagant love fest. When asked if his character should have an entire episode dedicated to his departure he stated,

Carell: I don’t want him to. I would be inclined to make it kind of a subtle and simple departure as opposed to any big “very special episode of.”

It sounds like Carell wants his final moments on the show to be under the radar, which will be hard to do considering NBC will probably promote the hell out of it. Get all your Scott love now because his portrayer is done after next season and there will be a new boss in town. We don’t know who yet but hopefully it’s someone equally as funny.

How do you feel about Steve Carell leaving The Office? Will you watch it after his departure? Who should replace him?