A couple of weeks ago a creepy teaser trailer for Gore Verbinski’s upcoming animated film Rango hit the net and it gave us absolutely nothing. It wasn’t even a teaser, it was more like a flash of footage with a title card at the end of it. The film centers on a chameleon named Rango, who’s voiced by Johnny Depp, yet we’ve never seen the creature…until now. Check out a full photo of Rango below..

The fact that Rango has the ability to blend in with his surroundings yet he decides to wear a loud Hawaiian shirt reeks of irony. This film will reunite Depp and Verbinski who previously worked on the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise together. The story for their latest project centers on a chameleon who’s having an identity crisis, something we can clearly see from this poster.

Rango centers on the creature finding his true self when he leaves the confines of his domesticated lifestyle. This sounds like Madagascar but without all the extra animals. How many films have we seen about animals returning to their roots only to discover that they’ve been pampered their entire lives?

Rango is scheduled to hit theaters in March 2011.

What do you think of the first poster for Rango?

Source: First Showing