Making a movie based on the overnight success of Facebook is one thing, but developing a film that centers on one of its applications is another. The social networking site has more than its fair share of games and Mafia Wars is one of its biggest. I can’t explain to you how many times I’ve been asked to help kill someone so one my friends can reach some type of “don” status. According to Pajiba, the obsession will continue because the geniuses over at Radar Pictures are making a feature film adaptation of it.

The site claims that Ted Field and Radar are currently sourcing the film out to writers hoping that someone can make a decent narrative out of the game. It may or may not have the tagline “crime thriller based on the popular video game.” This is sad on so many levels. You know “Farmville” will be next and who knows, at some point we might hear about a “Friend Request” movie.

Hopefully this is one of those projects that goes into development but never sees the light of day. Keep your fingers crossed on this one.

Do you think they should make  Mafia Wars movie? Would you pay to see it?