Alice Eve caught the attention of U.S. audiences when she played the gorgeous blond in this year’s She’s Out of My League. After that breakthrough, she was linked to a few high profile films including the comic adaptation, Captain America. She was one of the many actresses in the running to play the superhero’s love interested Peggy Carter but lost out to fellow Brit, Hayley Atwell. That’s OK because according to Deadline, she’s just been cast as Emma Frost in Fox’s X-Men First Class!

In a short announcement, the site revealed that Eve is currently in negotiations to play the blond haired, blue eyed psychic that we last saw in the abomination, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In that film she was played by a younger actress and was portrayed as Silver Fox’s sister. This time around we’re hoping that they’ll stick to the more conventional story of the seductive and manipulative telepathic mutant that she is.

Back to Captain America, it’s been rumored for months that Tommy Lee Jones would be co-starring in the super hero flick and it’s finally been confirmed. He’ll play Colonel Phillips in the Joe Johnston directed adaptation according to sources close to the project.

First Class will be directed by Matthew Vaughn and hits theaters on June 3, 2011, while Captain America debuts on July 22, 2011.

What do you think of the latest comic book castings?