Earlier today we learned that Lake Bell dropped out of Wes Craven’s Scream 4, and now another fourth film has lost a cast member. According Coming Soon, Australian actress Teresa Palmer won’t be appearing in George Miller’s highly anticipated Mad Max: Fury Road. The film currently stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron but no Palmer…

When the actress spoke about her involvement with Fury Road she stated that they were just “internet rumors.” This is an interesting development considering that her Sorcerer’s Apprentice co-star Jay Baruchel outed her in January at a press conference when he said she had one of the lead roles in the film.

“She gets to work with him, and she’s (going to be) doing ‘Mad Max 4′ with Miller,” Baruchel said, adding, “She’s the main chick in ‘Fury Road’. She’s going to be there for over a year. It’s really, really cool.”

What happened there? She couldn’t have been the love interest for Hardy, could she? If so, Theron is definitely a better fit and the studio probably wanted to go with an actress who was well known considering Hardy’s up and coming status. Either way, it’s kind of sad that she couldn’t stay around to play someone in the film. I’m sure Miller would have loved having another Aussie in the cast.

Do you think Palmer was ever cast in the film? Does this sound like a cover up to you?