After the demise of Spider-Man 4, Sam Raimi has managed to keep himself busy with several high profile films including the live action adaptation of the popular video game World or Warcraft. It’s also been reported that he’ll be helming the Wizard of Oz prequel, Oz, The Great and Powerful starring Robert Downey Jr. Raimi recently attended the Saturn Awards and while on the red carpet, spoke to Collider about his involvement with both films.

He claims that he’s read the script for Oz but he’s not sure if he’ll actually direct the movie. This doesn’t mean that he’s completely turned his back on the film, it’s just not on his to-do list right now. He’s currently still negotiating that deal.

On a positive note, World of Warcraft is making some decent progress. He revealed that he’s a huge fan of the game and the characters and he’s excited to work on it. He loves the scale, the landscapes, and the first person interaction players can have online. He along with screenwriter Robert Rodat are working from a 40 page treatment and are trying to figure out what characters they want to use (because there are so many) and start from there.

According to IMDB the film is scheduled to be released in 2013.

What characters do you think Raimi should include in the movie?