What would you do if two of the most beautiful brunettes in the acting game got together for a slapstick comedy? Word is spreading like wildfire that Grown Ups star Salma Hayek and Demi Moore are planning a big screen team up. According to the New York Post, they both attended a dinner at at Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse after the premiere of Hayek’s latest film where they were overheard discussing a new project.

It’s hard to imagine Hayek and Moore running off at the mouth like two Chatty Cathys but apparently they were having a good time talking about a film collaboration. Could it be a comedy, drama, hell what about a horror movie? Both actresses have been in the business for a long time and have had their fair share of co-stars and have worked with a wide range of material. Have they ever co-starred in a film together?

Let me rephrase that, have they ever actually shared scenes with one another? If not, we might be in for something new. The last project Moore starred in was the independent comedy, The Joneses which co-starred David Duchovny and Amber Heard.

Do you want to see Hayek and Moore headline a film together?