After NBC officially pulled the plug on their long running “Law & Order” series, they quickly shifted focus to its new spin-off “Law & Order: Los Angeles “or as they’re calling it LOLA. The series is set to begin filming later this summer (July 22nd) and according to Deadline several TV veterans have informally/formally been approached to read for the two detective roles, the captain, and the prosecutor. Find out who’s in the running…

This is just a preliminary list but so far Skeet Ulrich, James Van Der Beek, Michael Rapaport, Michael Ealy, Dylan Walsh and Dean Cain are all possibilities to play the main detectives. The characters are described as forty-something Rex Winters and thirty-something TJ Jaruszalski. I wonder what the TJ stands for? Maybe it will be a mystery like the “G” in Callen’s name on “NCIS: Los Angeles“?

As for the rest of the cast, Dick Wolf and crew are looking to hire a well known star to play the prosecutor, ADA Peter Morales. I smell Edward James Olmos or should I stretch and say Antonio Banderas (ha!)? As for the role of the captain, Lucy Liu’s name has popped up as a candidate, which is fine and dandy but I need someone with more of a presence for that part. Christine Lahti did a great job as the alcoholic lawyer when she guest starred on “SVU” this season. Maybe she could cross over for the role?

With production beginning next month they need to get things in order stat. Out of this group of potentials I could get down with Walsh, Cain, and Ealy. Hasn’t Rapaport already been on a cop show or is my mind playing tricks on me? What do you think?

Who should be cast for Law & Order: Los Angeles?