I love Jason Bateman but I’d cut off his arm if he tried to get in front of me while standing in line for the new iPhone! Yesterday, the world was in a frenzy as Apple unleashed their iPhone 4 and according to THR, the actor got preferential treatment. Plenty of celebrities were at the Apple Store trying to get the new device but Bateman’s the only one getting called out — for cutting in line.

Bateman was waiting his turn just like everyone else, fighting the heat, and trying to stay cool when he got a tap on the shoulder from an Apple Store employee. They pulled the actor out of line and took him inside so he could get first dibs on a phone. When he walked out with the coveted device he got, for lack of a better word, iBooed by the other patrons.

To be completely honest, what he did sucked and people had the right to be steamed BUT I’m more upset at the Apple Store for allowing it to happen. They’re the ones who came and picked him out of the crowd and gave him the go ahead. So if anyone should get the grunt of the backlash it should be them for picking and choosing who gets what first. The Average Joe works just as hard for their money as any actor, singer, or random celebrity.

Who's to Blame: Jason Bateman or The Apple Store?

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Who do you think was in the wrong Apple or Bateman?

Photo: Wenn