Production on Transformers 3 is well underway and it’s taking over the Midwest. When they shot 2009′s Revenge of the Fallen they traveled all over the world, including the scorching deserts of Egypt yet this time they’re keeping it local. The Michael Bay film will hit up the Windy and the Motor City this summer for the latest installment.

According to the ChicagoTribune, a press conference was held Wednesday morning discussing the preparations being made prior to the Transformers arrival. City officials have been coordinating with the film’s producers trying to find the safest way to pull off a few high octane stunts.

Chicago Film Office Director Rich Moskal said, “scenes they’re planning could match if not exceed the spectacular stuff The Dark Knight production pulled off. Flying debris, flipping cars, stunts, that’s the kind of stuff you’ll probably be seeing here.”

He’s referring to that famous scene in the Christopher Nolan film where an 18 wheeler flipped over in the middle of LaSalle street. That was epic but Transformers seems too CGI heavy to even attempt anything like that. I wonder what Bay has up his sleeve.

The film will be in Chicago from July 10th through August 19th, then they’ll move on to Detroit, Washington D.C., and several other cities before wrapping things up. The first Transformers was partially shot in Detroit at the historical (yet dilapidated) Michigan Central Station. Most of the scenes towards the end of the film that featured Sam running through downtown with the the Allspark were cross-cut between Detroit and Los Angeles.

Are you a resident of Chicago or Detroit? Are you aware that the production is headed your way?