For those of you itching to see the latest installment of The Twilight Saga, prepare to be blown away by more than just vampires and werewolves. According to a report from ShockTillYouDrop, you might get your first glance at the horror phenomenon, Paranormal Activity 2 (you thought they forgot about that huh?).

According to the site’s sources, it’s “very likely” that a teaser trailer for the film will be attached to prints of Eclipse. The movie is slated to hit theaters on October 22nd and we haven’t seen any serious marketing for it which is strange considering how in your face the original’s campaign was.

There was speculation that the studio would hold out until Comic-Con to unveil footage from PA 2 but with Saw VII 3D hot on their tales they want to get a head start.

In all honesty, I don’t think the folks behind either film can really one-up the other. The Saw series is on the decline and some people view Paranormal Activity 2 as the second coming of Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (that’s not a good comparison) so they both have their work cut out for them. May the best sequel win!

Do you plan on seeing Paranormal Activity 2? Do you think its a smart move to attach it to Eclipse?