Meet the Parents was a hilarious movie that put a fresh twist on the “awkward in-law” scenario that most of us will face at some point in our lives. It’s sequel Meet the Fockers took that concept and beat it to death and the third film, Little Fockers just makes us ask why? Why make the movie? Why continue on this downward spiral that does nothing but take us to bad places? Get ready for some old, tired, and reused jokes that include erectile dysfunction and precocious children. Check out the trailer below…

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How many times are we going to have to sit through the whole, “I’m watching you” shtick? I love Robert De Niro but please stop making him say that. It’s slowly bordering on “You talking to me?” status. This film takes everything we hated about Meet the Fockers and makes it worse by adding children and Harvey Keitel. What is this a Mean Streets reunion?

The first two films were directed by Jay Roach, but Little Fockers is helmed by Paul Weitz. It’s set for a December 22nd release, which puts it up against Gulliver’s Travels and December 17th’s Tron Legacy. I wonder who’s going to win that box office battle (shifty eyes).

What do you think of the first trailer for Little Fockers?