Now that Toy Story 3 is in theaters making both children and adults cry with its sentimental tale it’s time to focus on another Pixar property, Cars. The 2006 animated film has a high profile sequel in the works and today some big news broke regarding its production. According to Cinemablend, Pixar co-founder and original Cars helmer John Lasseter has officially stepped in to co-direct the follow-up.

Brad Lewis was originally slated to direct Cars 2 (alone) making his directorial debut. Obviously, the studio didn’t feel too confident with that decision so they brought in old faithful aka Lasseter. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the film is in trouble. There are plenty of excellent and high quality movies under the Pixar banner that were reworked several times during their development (Ratatouille anyone?).

The studio is known for its high standards and people associate their films with a certain level of prestige. Therefore, if they bring in 3 more directors it shouldn’t matter as long as the final product is golden. Cars 2 is scheduled to hit theaters during the summer of 2011 and will be accompanied by a Toy Story short (no pressure there).

What do you think about John Lasseter stepping in to co-direct Cars 2?