I always feel odd about writing films that I’m involved in, but when something great comes along you can’t just ignore it! So here I go! The Price is a post-modern “western” short film that is currently in pre-production and set to be co-directed by James St. Vincent and Zeke Pinheiro. The film explores the difference between an outlaw and a criminal and draws inspiration from John Carpenter & The Three Sergios (Sollima, Leone, Corbucci) — pretty cool right? The film is set in an economically ravaged New York City with no central authority, the story centers around two bandits and a bounty hunter.

The filmmakers have put together a small feature for the film, which explains it far better than I ever could. Check it out…

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Starring Carlos Gallardo (el Mariachi), Solomon Trimble (from that little film you may have heard of, Twilight), James St. Vincent, Mali Elfman (muahaha!!!!), Michael May and Isaac and Thorry Koren of The Kin. The film is being produced by Ashley Hillard, Michael May and Ashleigh Snead.

Find out more about the film and even donate if you like!

What do you think of it?