007 is back! And animated! And producing! We were just sent some of the first footage of Sir Billi!, a new animation film that stars Sir Sean Connery who at the age of 79 will not only be starring in the film (and making it much more than a “little” animation) but also acting as executive producer on the movie. There’s not surprise that the film has a voice-cast of strong Scottish actors such as Alan Cumming (who is not very well introduced in the trailer below, but I’m sure gives an impressive performance), Alex Norton, Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill and Ruby Wax.

Watch the three minute clips of them racing thru the Scottish countryside to save a beaver below!

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Believe it or not this is Connery’s first time that he’s ever lent his voice to an animation. It’s hard to believe he’s saved his voice for so long, seeing as he has one of the most recognizable voices there is — apparently he was waiting for old-fashioned animations to come back into style, then have them be about his home town, and one that he could produce and hire only Scottish actors. Only a few specifications in there… None of which Hollywood would be too pleased with!

Academy Award nominated Scottish composer Patrick Doyle, who worked on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Sense and Sensibility, wrote the score for the film and also lent his voice to the film.

Seems like it’s all Scottish all the time!

What do you think of the clip?