Over the past few seasons Law & Order: SVU has been playing musical ADAs with Stephanie March, Diane Neal, that chick from “One Tree Hill” (who failed miserably), Christine Lahti, and most recently Sharon Stone during the last 4 episodes of the season. According to EW, the producers are trying their luck again with someone new, someone “precious.” Paula Patton is nearing a deal to take over the open ADA spot and we’re hoping that this one sticks!

Close sources claim that Patton is the next in line to succeed Stone when “SVU” returns for the 2010-2011 season. Nothing’s been made official but if the actress was hired as a regular I wouldn’t object. As an avid viewer since the beginning, I’m aware that “SVU” needs to get their stuff together.

For the most part they’ve kept the same detective line-up yet they can’t nail down an ADA. The most consistent characters who’ve held the job for longer than a partial season were Alexandra Cabot (March) and Casey Novak (Neal). After those two, all hell broke loose.

There were a lot of mixed reactions to Stone’s short stint on the series, but I really enjoyed her run. She was ballsy and had that same spunk that Novak and Cabot did. If Patton does come on board they better give her a no nonsense attitude and an interesting background so she can fit in with the crazy cops she’ll be working with.

What do you think of Patton joining the cast of SVU? Who do you want to see as the new ADA?