During the 2009 holiday season, Sherlock Holmes was a huge hit for Warner Bros grossing over $500 million worldwide. The studio went on and green lit a sequel for December 2011, which will feature the return of Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, and director Guy Ritchie. [Spolier] In the first film it was revealed that there was another criminal mastermind behind the string of crimes in London that had nothing to do with Lord Blackwood. They were engineered by Prof. James Moriarty, a character we never even see on screen…

According to SHH, Ritchie has a two-time Oscar winner in his sights to play the role of Holmes’ arch-enemy and it’s Daniel Day-Lewis. When Moriarty appears at the end of the first film he’s just a voice attached to a shadowy figure. It was previously suspected that Brad Pitt would take over the role because he was seen on the set during filming and has worked with the director before.

While Day-Lewis is the top Moriarty contender several other actors have also been mentioned such as Sean Penn, Javier Bardem and Gary Oldman. All four men are extremely talented but give me Day-Lewis and Oldman any day. Nobody does crazy and calculated like Gary Oldman (why doesn’t he have an Oscar yet?)

At the moment this is all speculation, but out of this bunch who do you think should play the character?