During the 80 plus years the Academy Awards have been around it’s always been the capstone show of the film world. Because of this tradition, the industry has pretty much mapped out when they should release their Oscar caliber films and have established a time to campaign for votes. According to Deadline, this could all change because the Board of Governors of the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences recently got together to discuss moving the ceremony up…to January!

One of the studio execs involved with the discussion claims that the awards season is too long and this drastic change would “shorten and reduce the amount of campaigning.” The biggest obstacle facing the voters will be time. Will they have enough of it to watch all the films needed to narrow down the nominees and eventually the winners, especially with those ridiculous 10 slots open for Best Picture.

Also, they’ll be a conflict between the Oscars and other award shows like NBC’s Golden Globes, the SAG Awards, and let’s even throw in the Super Bowl as a ratings contender. Does this sound insane to you because it should. The board is still negotiating over the matter but let’s be realistic about this.

Even though the awards season can be annoying and filled with overbearing propaganda, squeezing it into a smaller time frame could make it worse. It could become even more obnoxious and irritating because they’ll be so much work to do and not enough time to do it!

Do you think they should move the Oscar date up? Should the other awards change their dates as well?