At this very moment there are people camped out on the dirty streets of LA in front of the Nokia Plaza waiting for the premiere of The Twilight Saga Eclipse, which takes place…on Thursday! As if that wasn’t crazy enough, here’s another log to throw on the fire of insanity. There’s a press release going around announcing a “Pre-Media Photo Op” with Bella’s red truck. That’s right, that dingy pick up that she drives in the films. Even the transportation from these movies have PR people! More below…

Check out this disturbing description:

One of America’s most unique “Twilight” moments/fan experiences is coming ONLY to Universal CityWalk: Bella’s original (right from the movie set) beat-up, iconic red truck makes its home there June 25-July 4.

Fans will be able to uniquely take photos with the 1963 Chevy pickup, driven by actress Kristen Stewart in the popular “Twilight” films, from June 25-July 4 during its visit to Universal CityWalk’s Cinema Plaza. The truck is said to send chills down the spines of “Twi-hards” who have had the chance to catch the infamous “beater” in-person on city streets during production.

What the hell? Did they really describe it as “iconic?” Dorothy’s slippers from The Wizard of Oz are iconic. Darth Vader’s mask from Star Wars is iconic, Bella’s truck is…Bella’s truck. It’s not even on the same level as Bumblebee from Transformers!

The insanity will begin on June 25th at 6 am at Universal CityWalk, Cinema Plaza, 1000 Universal Center Dr, 91608.

You guys have fun with that. I’ll be sleeping in that day.

Would you get up early in the morning to take a picture with a truck? Do you think this is overkill?