Michael Bay and the rest of the Transformers crew are well into production on the third and (supposedly) final installment in the film series. While shooting, a few behind the scenes photos have appeared online featuring Shia Labeouf and his new leading lady Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, as well as Tyrese Gibson. There’s also a video of the production team filming some high end sports cars on a closed street, with one of them being a red Ferrari. Check it out…

Is it just me, or does Sam always look the exact same in each movie? He’s always dirty and always has a look of shock or distress on his face. I’m also convinced that Labeouf will have to stand on apple boxes while next to Huntington-Whiteley or she’ll have to wear flats throughout the entire shoot. They’re both the same height and she could easily dwarf him in every scene if she put on some heels.

Onto the cool car action:

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The cars are the only good and solid thing about Transformers. The red Ferrari is pretty badass but it’s not enough for me to pay to see this movie. My faith has been severely damaged when it comes to this franchise. What about yours?

What do you think of the behind the scenes footage and photos from Transformers 3?

Source: JustJared