It’s clear that the LA Film Festival is feeling the budget cuts. Aside from the lack of food and beverages at the venue, they moved the festivals from the clean streets of Westwood to Downtown LA, a notoriously conspicuous part of the city. For the most part the festival is rather safe, you park in one big structure and stay within the safe walls filled with mainly only filmmakers and the usual film crowd surrounded by security. The decision didn’t strict me as entirely insane until I heard this…

Instead of selling tickets, reserving seats or doing radio/TV/online giveaways, they made it so no press or LAFF pass holder can get in, only those who camp out over night and get a wristband (of which 9,000 I believe have been handed out, which makes no sense since it’s playing at the Nokia Plaza which only holds 2,100 people at a time) in order to see Twilight: Eclipse. Edward is not worth dying for people (and don’t start talking plot with me, I’m talk to all you real-life, non-sparkling folk!)

So although the festival is within the safe walls with security, all the teens flocking to the area are not within those walls and are now wondering around Downtown and will be doing so ALL night. Since the majority of people crazy enough to camp out for Twilight are young females, that means that you’re going to have about 9,000 young girls spending the night on the streets of Downtown LA. Every parents dream! Security be damned, this is a bad idea! I never heard of Star Wars being shown in that type of an area and even then most of that audience is mainly males in their late teens and up (although I don’t know how much more threatening they would be??).

But what do you think?

Do you think it's okay to make Twi-Hards camp in Downtown LA to see the film?

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