A pretty solid week on DVD as many of the better February releases are rolling onto disc along with the last major Oscar holdover in The Last Station. A solid week all around on the movie front.

TV on DVD is surprisingly dry this week, with just a couple of series launching on disc.  Despite this, we do get a chance to catch up on two middling HBO series. So we got that going for us, which is nice.

Check it all out below…


Green Zone

Here’s the thing about hype. It’s never, never quite there. It never quite goes where you think it’s going.

Consider this film. Oscar prognosticators (y’know, like me) had this pegged as a multiple nominee last April. What with Paul Greengrass directing, Matt Damon starting and a supporting pedigree including Amy Ryan and Brendan Gleeson – it seemed like a can’t miss. Throw that all together with a setting like the Iraq war and it was a surefire Best Picture nominee.

Then, it got pushed back. Again and again and again. Suddenly, it was just a good action flick. A solid shaky-cam trip through implausibility that worked as a fun ride.

Meanwhile, a movie nobody had even heard of at the start of the year (The Hurt Locker) went on to the awards sweep everyone had predicted for Green Zone.

So it would seem the theory was right, but the movie was wrong.

Either way, you can check this out on DVD.

She’s Out of My League

Wanna know what I thought of this one?  Well it’s super easy! Just check out my She’s Out of My League Review.

Don’t believe me that this movie was an underrated little gem of a comedy and much better than any of the big comedies we’ve had to sit through so far this summer?

Well, in that case, you should get it on DVD.



“Entourage”: Season 6 & “Hung”: Season 1

There is a growing trend in television comedy and it’s one that seems very counterproductive, actually oxymoronic. It’s that they aren’t funny anymore.

And it’s not that they’re littered with bad jokes – it’s that they don’t even try to be funny.

Look at the two seasons of these series. Point out to me, let me in on one joke from either of these series. I plowed through every episode and couldn’t find one. Sure, they can be amusing, entertaining and a half-hour long but how exactly are these comedies.

The trend seems to be a half-hour drama, which is something of a cop out. It’s like admitting defeat in two departments: We can’t be funny and we can’t tell a story that carries one hour.

That, however, might be your thing. And if it is you can grab “Hung” Season 1 and “Entourage” Season 6 on DVD.

Anyway, you can check out the eighth DVD volume of “Family Guy” today.


  • “Tom & Jerry”: Deluxe Anniversary Collection – Buy Now

And, Just So You Know, This DVD Exists. . .

What DVDs are you looking forward to picking up this week?