Marvel is moving along with their plan to tackle more second tier superheroes with the development of Dr. Strange. According to Deadline, Strange could be the first comic property from the company to be completely produced and released under the Disney banner. They’ve just hired two screenwriters to take on the script and they’re the men behind Marcus Nispel’s upcoming Conan reboot.

Marvel has brought on Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer to pen the screenplay for their latest live action adaptation. Dr. Strange centers on a once brilliant surgeon who loses his sense of touch after being involved in a serious car accident. He traveled to the Himalayas where he found a mystical healer who taught him how to tap into his psychic powers to battle evil. From then on, he became known as one of the few superheroes who used his mind as a weapon as opposed to just his fists.

Dr. Strange debuted in the July 1963 issue of Strange Tales and was a mixture of psychedelic and freaky genius. Donnelly and Oppenheimer need to balance all the off the wall elements that made the character unique, while modernizing him for today’s audiences.

I’m concerned about who they’ll get to direct the feature. A lot of people have been championing for Guillermo del Toro, because his aesthetic matches so well with the comic. He would be the perfect fit but his schedule is so busy, when would he find the time?

Who do you think should direct Dr. Strange? Who should star in the film?